The image is my current work in progress. It’s just for fun, to decorate our house. It is so much faster working in physical media. It’s a big canvas, and I am working in acrylic paint. I have been playing around with this image in my head for a few years. Sometimes I thought I might put other heroes, not just the blue box there… but I thought this would be ok to start. Maybe I will build on it and add little paintings that go around it with other heroes. Only time will tell!

This winter we have been so sick! Crazy. That flu shot missed out on several viruses, it seems. I hope everyone is keeping it happy, and having tons of fun. I am redoing all our websites and condensing. Playing around with the Divi theme for wordpress. Pretty impressive. Drag and drop is always appreciated! Some time post baby the sites all got nuked by something. I have no idea what! Oh well, more security installed. We needed a rebrand anyway!

Speaking of that, we are moving from 20 Sided Designs to Geek Clan Robinson. We added a little geekling to our clan, and we are happy to be making this rebrand. Wil and I will have our own personal pages that is just our name, and we will have Geek Clan Robinson together. Last weekend our facebook page reached over 3000 likes! Check it out! I am super happy about it!