Laura Robinson was born and raised in Philadelphia Pa. She graduated from Temple University with a BA in Psychology, and Asian Studies. She is also a Registered Nurse. Currently she works as the Clinical Manage for Frankie’s World Medical Daycare where she gets to play an integral role in making life safe and fun for medically fragile children while their parents have to work. She’s married, and has one child, one dog, and one cat. That’s enough from the muggle side of life, wouldn’t you say?

Laura loves to create, and consume geeky content. If there is one thing that permeates life for her, it is the tales of heroes, space ships, and dragons. She is very lucky to have found someone to share these interests with in her husband, Wilfred Robinson. Along with creating geeky art, and stories, together they’ve created a little geekling. Little Wil rawrs when presented with a Godzilla, definitly loves his Chew”baca”, and has all the hallmarks of developing into a great addition to the gaming group just as soon as he learns to speak fluently.

Together with her husband, Laura created Geek Clan Robinson, as a platform to share their love of all things Geek. She shares geek content through this platform, and also promotes the Art and Stories created by her family.